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We’ve composed this list to show you the steps and process that goes into a custom building project. This will help with any questions you might have, and enable you to follow along during the building project.

The steps in our process

Our goal as a building company is to assure our clients enjoy each and every phase of the building process and have a large role in decision making.


With our design and build capabilities, we are able to take your project from the design phase to completion. We do not, however, limit ourselves to our architectural designer. Our company is happy to assist you and your designer in any way we can.


Meetings with Client

First Meeting

  • Start the design process or review your plans

  • Present you with a list of general construction selections

  • Discuss the various types of contracts

  • Walk the proposed building site or existing home. Discuss the various permitting needs.

  • Develop preliminary construction design.

Second Meeting

  • Review your completed list of general construction selections

  • Outline the scope of your project

  • Comprise a general list of materials

  • Review drawings or architectural plans


Outline Proposal

Highland Builders Inc. will create a detailed proposal based on the general construction selections and decisions made from previous meetings. The proposal will include the following:

  • Estimated price

  • Construction time frame

  • Project specifications

  • Material options


Finalizing Proposal

  • Highland Builders Inc. or architect completes project plans

  • Engineer completes structural drawings

  • Engineer completes site and septic drawings

  • The client makes final selections

  • Highland Builders Inc. provides information on potential permits, which include:

  • Board of Health, Building and Fire Departments, and possibly Conservation, Historical, and Board of Appeals depending on your project.


Acceptance of Proposal

  • Signing the contract and retaining the deposit

  • Site plans presented

  • Architectural and Engineering plans presented

  • Warranty and Insurance information provided


Construction of Home

  • Maintaining construction time frame

  • Providing complete supervision on-site at all times

  • Communicating with the client via phone, fax, or email.


Completion of Project

  • Walkthrough home with the client

  • Orientation of new home or renovation with client

  • Present owner's manual including all warranties and user manuals

  • Present client with keys

Helpful Information for Clients

When deciding to build a home or renovate your existing, it is a very helpful tool to start a folder of pictures of all the things you like in a home. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Rough sketch floor plan ideas, create a wish list for your home.
Try to come up with a realistic budget for your project.

Roles & Teams

Couple and Builder

Construction and Building Team

We have experienced over the years that building a new home or renovating an existing home can be a complex and overwhelming undertaking  for some people  so we have thoughtfully assembled a step by step list for our clients that has proven to be not only helpful, but valuable in our relationship with the client, as we proceed through the project together.

Tradesman and Architect at Construction


We have chosen some of the finest and reliable subcontractors to work with us and our clients. It is important to us that our subcontractors be specialists in their field by being knowledgeable with current materials and installation techniques. It is equally important that our subcontractors are able to have a professional rapport with our clients.

Architecture Model Sketching

Architectural Designer

Our Architectural Design service can assist our clients with any architectural needs. The ability to create our clients visions of their project before we start is the most important and first element to a successful project. Our computer capability to present our clients with  three dimensional views and color renderings is one of the many talents we can share.

Upholstery for Interior

Interior Designer

Our Interior Design service is provided in the early stages of your project . Space planning for the interior has many valuable features and should always be considered for function and aesthetics. We can assist and guide you in the selection making of all the interior materials needed in your home. For example the cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, flooring, walls, paint, lighting and plumbing fixtures. As the project unfolds the interior finishes for the home becomes endless and with good planning can be created into a personal and pleasing environment.

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